Third Thursday: What is live art?

Thursday 20th June 7.30pm

As part of Jelly’s Third Thursday season, we will be exploring the question of liveness within art, with a discussion led by founding member Sara Davies in which she asks “what is live art?” Not an easy question, and there are no promises of an easy one-size-fits-all answer, but then this is art after all!

To act as a starting point, here is part of the Live Art Development Agency’s definition of live art:

“The term Live Art is not a description of an artform or discipline, but a cultural strategy to include experimental processes and experiential practices that might otherwise be excluded from established curatorial, cultural and critical frameworks. Live Art is a framing device for a catalogue of approaches to the possibilities of liveness by artists who chose to work across, in between, and at the edges of more traditional artistic forms.”
To find out more click here.

Part of the evening will include a deeper look at the work of Strength in Numbers artists jamie lewis hadley and Amy Sage.

Entry is free, but a donation towards the cost of nibbles would be appreciated.

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