Nicola Canavan

Nicola Canavan’s practice is rooted in action based performance and spans live work, documentations of its products & traces and the re presentation of these in other forms. She questions notions of beauty, pain and expectation through a poetry which transforms brutal acts into tender and generous anecdotes of allegiance.

By acknowledging and resisting the sacred and divine, she installs layers of symbol through the modification and manipulation of the flesh, and pursues rituals that transcend the body. She thrives on the richness and allure of visual language, using performance and interactions to reflect on experience, using living marks from her skin to draw longer, deeper and more profound images haunted by a body once known.

A recent Artsadmin Bursary recipient, she has performed at the City of Women Festival, the Arnolfini, and SPILL National Platform: to name but a few.

During her recent pregnancy, Nicola Canavan collaborated with multi-media artist Dawn Felicia Knox to develop a new body of work exploring the female body in transit.