jamie lewis hadley

jamie lewis hadley*

not everybody bleeds in the same way, but every-body bleeds

Since completing a BA and MRes in Theatre and Performance at the University of Plymouth, jamie lewis hadley has been working predominantly as a solo live artist, showing work in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, France, Lithuania and Croatia.
His current practise utilises his career as a former professional wrestler and uses it as a departure point to create live art performances that explore, both aesthetically and thematically: blood, deterioration, endurance, pain and violence. The materials he uses can often be found in a hardcore wrestling match; fluorescent light tubes, razor blades, staple guns and steel chairs. He attempts to subvert the use of these objects, transforming their original uses (from both wrestling and daily) into images that are affective, challenging and beautiful. His current area of research and creative output is concerned with performing medicine and the history of bloodletting as a medical practice. *strictly adults only.